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6 Best Beer Pong Tables for Parties

It’s no secret that everyone loves parties, not only because they are usually filled with music and dancing, but also because they come with copious amounts of alcohol.

However, this does not mean that parties simply appear out of thin air, as celebrations of any kind have to be planned and hosted. And if you have ever had to organize a party, then chances are you know how difficult the process can be, especially when it comes to assuring that everyone is happy and entertained.

There’s nothing worse than when a party begins to quiet down, as this usually means that the guests are starting to get bored and that the festivities are coming to an end.

So how can you make sure that your guests are entertained for the majority of the night? Well, there are numerous methods that can be used, from karaoke machines to foosball. But arguably the best way to get your guests excited is by cracking out the beer pong.

Not only is beer pong a fun and hilarious pastime, but it has also become a party staple and can often be found in colleges and universities around the world. However, if you are looking for the full beer pong experience, then you have to make sure that you have the right beer pong table for the job, something that is much easier said than done.

Of course, there are hundreds of beer pong tables currently available for online purchase, which can make limiting down your choices a long and stressful task. That is why we have compiled a selection of the best beer pong tables currently available on the market. These tables are fun, durable and perfect for keeping your guests entertained.

So why not check them out and see which beer pong tables take your fancy!

What Is Beer Pong?

Beer pong is a game that is often played at parties and celebrations and involves two opposing teams or players throwing ping pong balls into cups of alcohol. The purpose of the game is to throw your ping pong ball into one of the opposing player’s cups, which will usually be laid out on a flat surface in a triangular shape.

If you manage to throw your ball into an opposing cup, then the other player must drink the cup’s contents and remove it from the table, with the winning team being the one to remove the opposing team’s cups first. But how many cups should be used during a game of beer pong?

Traditionally, your average game of beer pong will involve a formation of ten cups on each side of the table, but this number can vary depending on the host and team. All beer pong players must remain behind their cups when throwing their balls and can either use them to aim for opposing cups or to deflect other balls coming in the opposite direction.

Although beer pong is famous for not having any concrete rules, you may notice that most beer pong tables will come with an additional cup holder for water, which should be utilized in case the large amounts of beer make you feel dehydrated.

If you are interested in learning how to play beer pong numerous videos and tutorials are available on platforms such as YouTube.

Where Does Beer Pong Come From?

Experts do not attribute the creation of beer pong to a single person, as there is little information concerning where the game originated and who invented it. However, there are some urban legends that state the game was born from a sport commonly played in Beirut, which is the capital city of Lebanon.

However, there have been numerous variations of this sport over the centuries, with historical evidence placing its origins as far back as the 16th century. Although little is known about the beginnings of beer pong, this does not mean that no one has claimed to be its creator, as several colleges and universities believe that they invented the game.

According to some online sources, beer pong was first invented by Dartmouth College, where it remained a popular staple throughout the 1950s and 1960s. But around the same time, Bucknell University also claimed to have invented the game during the 1970s, although they referred to the pastime as throw pong.

Although it is unclear where the game first originated, it could be argued that its popularity was influenced by the rise of basketball during the 1970s and 1980s. A time where many people became obsessed with their aim and the ability to throw balls into nets and hollow objects.

Since then, beer pong has become a popular fixture at many parties and can be found in numerous countries all over the world.

6 Best Beer Pong Tables For Parties

So in no particular order, let’s take a look at our top 6 best beer pong tables! 


GoPong 8-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong / Flip Cup Table (6 Balls Included)

If you are looking for a beer pong table that offers a premium beer pong experience for an inexpensive price, then this portable beer pong table by GoPong is the product for you.

Featuring 8 feet of metallic black finish, this beer pong table is the perfect size for parties and tournaments and can be easily folded up and stored away.

Distinguished by its durable and robust design, this beer pong table can survive the wildest of parties and promises to deliver a long and lasting performance.

Coming complete with 6 high-quality ping pong balls, this beer pong table is one of the best portable tables on the market and can be easily transported between venues and events.


  • Portable Design: The GoPong beer pong table is extremely portable and can be folded up for maximum storage and transportation. 
  • Regulation Size: The beer pong table is of regulation size, which means it can be used for tournaments as well as parties and celebrations. 
  • Attractive Finish: The GoPong beer pong table comes complete with an attractive metallic finish and clear markings.


  • Uneven Surface: Unfortunately, the beer pong table can be slightly misshapen, especially when set up on uneven surfaces. 


GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table - Heavy Duty (Black, 36-Inch Tall) (GP-8-PRO)

Although you may look at the price of this beer pong table and wince, we believe that the product is justified in its high price. Offering a beer pong experience unlike any other, this premium beer pong table by GoPong is notable for its heavy-duty design and all-around value for money.

Not only does the beer pong table come with 6 ping pong balls, but it also offers high-quality construction and extreme portability, making it one of the best beer pong tables for parties and celebrations.

The premium beer pong table can also be set up in a variety of environments and comes complete with a reinforced surface that is beer-proof and easy to clean.


  • Comfortable Height: The GoPong premium beer pong table measures 36-inches in height, which helps to provide comfortable play. 
  • Reinforced Surface: The beer pong table features a reinforced surface, which is beer-proof and easy to clean. 
  • Versatile Environments: The GoPong premium beer pong table can be set up in numerous environments and is even suitable for outdoor use. 
  • Bonus Features: The beer pong table comes complete with 6 high-quality ping pong balls.


  • Basic Design: Although the product’s construction is top rate the beer pong table is basic in its design and offers no customization options. 


If you have been searching for a beer pong table that truly embodies the colours and sounds of a hardcore party, then look no further than this illuminated beer pong table by Infinity.

Considered one of the highest quality beer pong tables currently on the market, this beer pong table comes with an array of special features and will look attractive in any environment or setting.

Made using durable and robust materials, this beer pong table has been designed to survive the wildest parties and can be easily folded and stored away for maximum use.

Promising to deliver a beer pong experience unlike any other, the beer pong table also comes with adjustable magnetic locks and the option of customized graphics.

However, what makes this beer pong table truly unique is its use of LED integration, with the overall unit containing hundreds of RGB lights, which can produce a rainbow of different colours and even move in time with the music.

The beer pong table is also fitted with an infinity mirror, which is an optical illusion that creates the appearance of endless space.


  • LED Integration: The Infinity Glow beer pong table has been integrated with LED lights, which can produce various colours and move in time to the music. 
  • Infinity Mirrors: The beer pong table has been fitted with optical illusions that create the appearance of endless space. 
  • Magnetic Locks: The Infinity Glow beer pong table features magnetic locks which hold the structure together. 
  • Robust Design: The beer pong table has been made using durable materials, giving it a robust design that can withstand wild parties and celebrations. 
  • Music Sensor: The Infinity Glow beer pong table has been fitted with a music sensor, which allows the lights to move to the beat.


  • Expensive Cost: Not only is the beer pong table one of the more expensive products on our list, but it can also be costly to repair if it suffers severe damage. 
  • Inconsistent Quality: There have been reports of some beer pong tables having flickering lights, which can ruin the overall appearance. 


GoPong Pool Lounge Floating Beer Pong Table Inflatable with Social Floating, White, 6'

If you have been searching for a beer pong table that is ideal for outdoor celebrations such as pool parties and barbecues, then we think we have the product for you.

Produced by GoPong, this floating beer pong table has been specially designed for pool use and can provide plenty of opportunities for pool party gameplay.

Measuring around six feet in length, this beer pong table can provide enough space for ten cups on each side and comes with additional cup holders for water and onlookers.

Thanks to its durable and efficient design, the float can be used as a normal beer pong table and does not come with any major setbacks or issues.

Capable of lasting for hours when fully inflated, this beer pong table is ideal for parties and celebrations and can be blown up using a foot pump or your own breath.


  • Floatable Design: The GoPong inflatable beer pong table has been specially designed for water-based use, making it ideal for celebrations such as pool parties. 
  • Numerous Cup Holders: The beer pong table has been fitted with numerous cup holders, which can provide space and protection for drinks. 
  • Versatile Uses: The GoPong inflatable beer pong table can also be used for other games and entertainment, or can be used as a traditional pool raft.


  • Wobbly Gameplay: Unfortunately, the floating beer pong table can make gameplay a little wobbly, especially if the water is choppy or has been disturbed. 
  • Non Regulation Size: Because the float only measures 6-feet in length, it does not meet the regulations for competitions and tournaments.


PartyPongTables.com 8-Foot Beer Pong Table w/Cup Holes & LED Lights - USA Edition

This is the kind of beer pong table that people in the industry call an all-rounder, for it includes numerous special features and additions that make it perfect for parties and celebrations.

Produced by PartyPongTables, this 8-foot beer pong table comes with numerous cup holders and is made from aluminium, making its overall design lightweight and easy to transport between venues and events.

Of course, the standout feature of this beer pong table is its design and appearance, with the table sporting a colourful American flag, although it can also be purchased in other designs and with graphic customizations.

The beer pong table also comes complete with LED lights, which help to give it a unique and striking appearance, especially when it has been set up during the night.

Although this beer pong table offers similar features as more expensive models, it can be purchased for a reasonable price and is ideal for adding a touch of vibrancy to your festivities.


  • Vibrant Design: The light-up beer pong table can be purchased in an array of vibrant and striking designs. 
  • LED Integration: The beer pong table has been fully integrated with LED lights, which are available in 20 colours and can be used to create a psychedelic effect. 
  • Numerous Cup Holders: The light-up beer pong table comes complete with cup holders, which can prevent cups from slipping or falling over.


  • Lightweight Structure: Although the aluminium structure is easy to transport, its lightweight design can make the overall table insecure.
    Low Stature: Compared to other beer pong tables on the market, this beer pong table is very low and can make gameplay uncomfortable. 


Drinking Games Table Cover, Game Booklet and Two Ping Pong Balls

For the last entry on our list, we have chosen a cheap and efficient alternative to the more expensive beer pong tables currently available on the market.

Unlike the other beer pong tables we have recommended, this product is not a full unit but a cover that you can place on top of a table for easy and accessible gameplay.

Made from thin plastic, this beer pong table cover has been produced by Flip Pong and can be used to protect your tables from beer spills and unwanted moisture and can be easily cleaned after every use.

Featuring a simple but concise design, the table cover can provide plenty of room for you to play a proper game and is particularly useful for parties with no beer pong tables in sight.


  • Inexpensive Price: The Flip Pong beer pong table cover can be purchased for a reasonable price and is the cheapest item on our list. 
  • Moderate Length: The table cover measures at a moderate length and can be used to cover most 6-foot tables. 
  • Bonus Supplies: The Flip Pong beer pong table cover comes complete with 2 ping pong balls and a game hook. 
  • Flexible Design: The table cover does not require any additional space and can be easily folded and stored away for later use.


  • Plastic Material: The table cover is made from cheap-quality plastic, which is not the ideal material for beer pong gameplay. 
  • Easily Damaged: The plastic material can be very flimsy, making it prone to tearing and damage. 
  • Limited Use: The table cover should not be used on wooden or expensive tables, as it can scratch certain materials and cause unwanted damage. 

Why Should You Purchase A Beer Pong Table?

After everything we have covered in this article, you are probably wondering why you should even purchase a beer pong table in the first place.

Well, the answer to that question is simple, because beer pong is a great game for people who are of legal drinking age and can be used to entertain family and friends for hours on end.

Beyond their entertainment value, beer pong tables are also considered a cost-effective item, as they are easy to set up and are often available for affordable prices. Even when the product is considered a more premium model, you may find that the overall cost will not exceed any budgetary constraints.

Beer pong tables are also what is known as a two-in-one product, which means they have a dual purpose that helps to justify their cost in the long term. Although they will commonly be used for playing beer pong, beer pong tables can also be used for normal ping pong gameplay, which can be highly beneficial during a lazy afternoon.

So not only are beer pong tables an affordable and effective way to entertain party guests but they more than make up for their cost with their various features and possibilities.

What Makes A Good Beer Pong Table?

The idea of buying a beer pong table may sound like a simple task, after all, every beer pong table is designed for the same purpose. However, some elements should be taken into consideration before you purchase a new beer pong table. Elements that help to ensure that the table meets your needs and requirements.

Although we cannot tell you what beer pong table to buy, we recommend that you invest in a product that is durable and capable of surviving wild parties and celebrations.

Beyond this, it is also valuable to purchase a beer pong table that can be folded up and put away, as you don’t want the table to be a constant obstacle in your home.

If you are interested in buying a beer pong table to practice for tournaments, then you will also have to make sure that the table meets the size regulations for the sport. Otherwise, you will be unable to enter your beer pong table into any competitions or games.

What Size Should A Beer Pong Table Be?

Beer pong table regulations are very strict, with most standard beer pong tables usually measuring around 8-feet in length. Game regulations also state that the area between the cups should measure around 65-inches, especially if the game is going to involve ten cups on each side.

Professional beer pong tables (yes they exist) are usually separated into four 2-foot sections, with the surface of the table usually featuring various markings that outline where the cups should be placed.

Although 10 cups are common practice during gameplay, you can reduce this number down to 6, especially if you do not have a strong constitution when it comes to alcohol.

Final Thoughts

As we have previously mentioned, we cannot tell you which beer pong table to buy, as the decision should be made based on your own requirements and needs. However, if we had to pick the best beer pong table from the products we have selected, then it would have to be the GoPong 8ft premium beer pong table.

Not only does this particular model come with everything you need in a beer pong table, but it is also extremely durable and easy to store away. Although it does have some setbacks, we believe overall that this is the best beer pong table for any newcomer looking to take up the sport.