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Why is Vodka a Ladies Drink?

When you go out partying, there are a few different drinks that take precedence over others in popularity, and one of them is vodka. In fact, vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages of choice, especially on nights out like in clubs and similar!

It can be drunk alone, with a mixer of your choice, and as long as you’re of legal drinking age then there are no special conditions you have to meet, especially not gender! 

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Nevertheless, there are many people that consider vodka to be a ladies drink, and it has sort of amassed that reputation, of it being very suitable for a lady, but not for the lads or men of the group. Kind of weird right? But is this just a stupid stereotype with no real reasoning, or is there some truth to the claim? 

Most often the reason why people consider vodka to be a drink for ladies is that it is most commonly served mixed with sweet and sugary beverages. A lot of men don’t mix their alcohol spirits with other drinks, while women have more of a reputation for doing as such.

So for many, vodka is more suited to ladies that mix their alcohol with sweetness and sugar, while men stick to other drink options.

Of course, this is just a reputation or stereotype, as plenty of men enjoy vodka mixed with sweet and sugary drinks, and plenty of women actually do not like vodka. Gender has nothing to do with your beverage of choice. 

But it’s kind of fascinating to see these stereotypes in drinks, so let’s look a little more into it. 

Why is Vodka considered to be a lady’s drink?

It might seem almost surreal, and quite a stupid concept, but there is no denying that within drinking culture and beverage options, there is gender separation. It mostly comes from cultural stereotypes, that somehow manage to classify different drinks into whether they are for ladies, or for men. 

In reality, most people will then simply choose whichever beverage they like most, based on their own experience or taste.

However, there are plenty of people that buckle under the pressure of social stereotypes and they will “learn” to like what they are supposed to like, according to their gender. Kind of troubling really. 

Vodka, stereotypically, is a drink for girls. A ladies drink, as they like to refer to it. It is true that on a typical night out, most girls will choose to have a sweet and sugary drink with vodka, as it is tasty, easy to drink throughout the night, and it also gets you tipsy at a pretty quick pace. But it’s not just girls that enjoy vodka!

Plenty of men also choose to drink vodka on nights out and enjoy it. Especially because vodka can be mixed with plenty of different drinks, so it can be adapted to suit many different taste preferences and personalities. 

If we’re being honest, the whole “vodka is for ladies” is very quickly becoming an antiquated stereotype. Back in the day, women used to drink lower-alcohol beverages, because doing otherwise was considered improper.

This means that drinks like a white wine, champagne, and cocktails mixed with sweet beverages, were left to the girls, while the men went for the stronger spirits.

This is also where the stereotype for vodka comes from, as vodka is quite often mixed with sweet and sugary drinks, which denote the type of alcohol drinking women were expected to stick to in the past. 

Nowadays, most people see vodka as a universal drink for all genders. And the thing is, those that refer to vodka as a ladies drink as an insult, implying that it’s weak or less worthy, couldn’t be more wrong. Vodka is a pretty strong alcohol, and it gets wasted pretty quickly. So yeah, that’s that. 

Vodka in drinking culture:

Nowadays, gender separation is becoming less and less important, especially with stereotypes that have a very little foundation upon which to stand on.

So the whole “vodka is a ladies drink” is becoming less of a thing, and more of an old-fashioned joke that nobody finds funny anymore. Anyone can drink and enjoy vodka, regardless of gender and personality. 

However, drinking culture can be quite toxic sometimes, and in large group friends, especially amongst youngsters, there can be a lot of pressure to drink the right thing in order to fit in.

This is why there will be people that continue to spread the stereotype, and why there will be groups of friends in which girls must all have vodka, and boys must have something else or risk being laughed at. 

But here is the thing. If you are in a group of friends, out drinking, and you feel pressured to choose a certain type of drink over another, in order to fit in and be accepted…then it’s time to find some new friends.

Nobody should ever pressure you to drink a certain beverage or make fun of you for your choice of drink. If anything, they’re the weird ones for thinking that drinks are limited to gender, like what is with that? 

So if you want to drink vodka, drink vodka. If you want to drink something else, drink something else. Don’t let anyone judge you for your choices, because there is no right or wrong. 

Health benefits of Vodka, and why ladies might choose it over others:

There are many reasons why women (or men for that case) might choose to drink vodka instead of other alcoholic beverages, like for example the huge versatility that vodka offers in that it can be mixed with plenty of different stuff. 

But one of the interesting reasons, why some women (and other people) choose vodka, is actually because it can provide you with some health benefits! 

Now, huge disclaimer: vodka should always be drunk in moderation. Too much alcohol can lead to many different health problems, as well as alcohol poisoning. So drink carefully! 

Right, disclaimer over, here are some surprising health benefits that vodka (in moderation) can provide you:

  • It’s better for the heart:

When consumed in moderation, vodka can actually reduce the risk of going into cardiac arrest. It also reduces the risk of many heart diseases, as it naturally helps increase blood circulation and flow. Also, vodka is pretty low-calorie (as long as you don’t mix it with super sugary drinks). 

  • It can help reduce stress levels:

Do you know how a glass of wine is said to help reduce stress levels, and how it is healthy in moderation? Well turns out that vodka actually helps reduce stress levels even more! 

  • It can improve oral hygiene:

The purity of vodka, mixed with the high alcohol levels that it contains, actually allows this beverage to help kill hostile bacteria found in the mouth and throat. This means that vodka can kill off bacteria responsible for bad breath, and end up helping you achieve cleaner and healthier oral hygiene overall. Pretty handy!

Other Gender Stereotypes in drinks:

We’ve pretty much established now that the whole “vodka is for ladies” stereotype is completely dumb. We know where it comes from, and why it’s a thing, but it does not apply because vodka can be enjoyed by all genders alike. 

But vodka isn’t the only drink with a stereotype for gender attached! Truth is, almost all drinks are classed into being for girls or for boys, some in a more prominent way than others. All of these stereotypes are thankfully slowly drying out, but some are still quite commonly heard. 

These are the top stereotypes about specific drinks that you might have heard about: 

  • Beer is for men:

One of the biggest and most prevalent stereotypes is about beer, and how it is for men. Like seriously, it is so common to hear boys talking about how they drink beer all the time, and how it is manly, and how it’s a man’s drink. Pretty annoying really.

But if you’re a boy, don’t listen to this at all. You can drink beer if you like it, but don’t feel like you have to force yourself to like it! 

  • Fruity cocktails are for women:

This is a big assumption, that all girls like and enjoy fruity cocktails, and that all fruity cocktails with bright colors and sugary additions are for women. A lot of girls, when they start drinking, think that it is what they have to choose. However, many of them realize they actually prefer other types of beverages. So again, do not buckle under the pressure of baseless stereotypes. 

  • Men should not mix liquor: 

There is a big stereotype that states that men should not mix different alcohols, and should instead drink their beverage straight, and just “take it like a man”. Again, this is pretty stupid. Mixing drinks can be a great way to get new combinations, and it can make them all the tastier. So don’t limit yourself!

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