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What’s the Proof of Patron Tequila (Explained)

Patrón Tequila is a premium tequila brand by Patrón Spirits, a Mexican Company that has gained popularity for its sophisticated beverage. Patrón has preserved and perfected the traditional tequila-making art from the Weber blue agave plant. If you’ve been wondering what’s the proof of your glass of Patrón Tequila, you’re in the right place.

The proof of Patron Tequila is 80. However, Patrón variants, including Gran Patrón, Roca Patrón, and Patrón XO Café comprise a 70 to 101 alcohol proof. These collections consist of aged or unaged tequila varieties, exhibiting different flavors, aroma, and alcohol content per volume.

Tequila is undoubtedly the most popular hard alcohol beverage in the world. In the rest of the article, I’ll discuss a few topics related to Patrón Tequila. Read on to learn more about this premium spirit.

What Does Proof Mean in Tequila?

If you’re not accustomed to hard alcohol beverages, the word “proof” simply means “evidence.” But, if you’ve enjoyed a glass or two of tequila, vodka, or whiskey, you’ve most likely come across it on the label of your favorite drink.

Alcohol proof is a measurement that portrays the alcohol percentage in tequila. It’s also used on spirits or other hard liquor such as whiskey, rum, vodka, cachaça, mezcal, and gin. You can calculate it easily by doubling the percentage of alcohol content per volume of your hard alcohol beverage.

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All hard liquor brands indicate the percent of alcohol by volume (ABV) on the bottles. So, if the spirit has an ABV of 35%, the alcohol proof will be 70 (35 multiplied by 2). Moreover, the beverage’s strength depends on its alcohol proof.

So, what’s the origin of using proof to measure alcohol content in spirits?

In the 16th century, government officials in England developed a crude criterion of measuring the strength of alcohol in taxed spirits, including rum. To accomplish this, they soaked gunpowder in the spirits and then ignited it. 

The officials confirmed that the spirit tested contained over 57% alcohol if it ignited.

The “gunpowder test” popularized the term “proof” as it indicated the evidence of more than 57% alcohol in rum and other hard liquor. Later in the 19th century, the term gained use in the United States, where they started labeling spirits with 50% ABV as “100 proof.” Therefore, doubling ABV became the new method of determining the alcohol strength in spirits.

What’s the Proof of Patrón Tequila Variants?

Patrón Tequila variants have varying alcohol proofs, arising from their differing production processes. The proof values of Patrón Tequila variants range from 70 to 90, as indicated on the labels. So, next time you purchase or are gifted, a bottle of this high-end spirit, be sure to read the label.

To get a better understanding of Patrón Tequila variants, let’s have a closer look at each type and its features:

  • Patrón Silver: This is an unaged variety of crystal clear tequila, made from high-quality agave. The popular variant has a fruity aroma, smooth and sweet taste, with a pepper finish. It contains 40% ABV and 80 alcohol proof.
  • Reposado: This tequila variant comprises a balance of taste, aroma, and color. Reposado is aged for no less than two months in handcrafted oak barrels, obtaining a light-amber color and a hint of oak wood aroma with a light floral and vanilla finish. The drink tastes like fresh agave, consisting of honey, citrus fruits, and oak. It also has a 40% ABV and 80 alcohol proof.
  • Añejo: Another 80-proof tequila, Añejo is a Patrón variant that has aged for 12 months. After distillation, this spirit is stored in French oak, Hungarian oak, and American whiskey barrels to produce a warm amber color, a rich flavor, and a caramel finish. So, it tastes like oak wood with a hint of vanilla, raisin, and honey.
  • Gran Patrón Smoky: This sophisticated silver tequila variant has a 101 alcohol proof (50.5 ABV). Smoky is bright and crystalline with a fragrance depicting smoked agave, citrus, pepper, and other spices. So, it has a sweet, smooth taste of smoked/cooked agave, citrus, and pepper.
  • Gran Patrón Piedra: Another variant from the Gran Patrón collection, this tequila has a deep mahogany color. It’s aged for three years in French oak, producing fresh fruit and mushroom aroma, with hints of toasted French oak. It comprises 40% ABV and 80 alcohol proof.
  • Roca Patrón Reposado: One of the variants in the Roca Patrón collection, this tequila variety has 84 alcohol proof (42% ABV). It’s distilled in small batches and aged in bourbon barrels, obtaining a light straw color. It has a vanilla fragrance with a hint of American oak and citrus. Its smooth and sweet flavor combines ginger, caramel, and mushroom.
  • Roca Patrón Añejo: Another variant from the Roca collection, this tequila is aged in bourbon barrels for 14 months. It has 88 alcohol proof (44% ABV) and medium gold color. The variety exhibits a sweet fragrance, comprising a mixture of vanilla, fruits, and spices. It also has a smooth velvety finish and a blended flavor entailing citrus, light ginger, and black pepper.
  • Patrón XO Café: A unique blend of Patrón tequila and Arabica coffee, this variant has the lowest ABV (35%) and alcohol proof (70%). The dark-brown beverage comprises a fresh coffee fragrance with vanilla and chocolate. Its rich taste and smooth yet dry finish make it an ideal sipping drink and dessert ingredient.

What Is the Normal Alcohol Proof?

The normal alcohol-proof range is 40-100. Most spirits, including tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, and vodka, are within this scope. But, some liquor variants may have an alcohol proof higher than 100. 

They’re not the safest beverages to consume, as they’re highly flammable and may cause severe health complications.

Most tequila varieties have 40 to 100 alcohol proof, which is the normal range. A 100 alcohol proof is the baseline for the alcohol content in hard liquors as it indicates a 50% ABV. Hence, spirits have a higher alcohol percentage than beer and wines, which have less than 15% ABV.

What does “Proof” mean when it comes to alcohol?


Patrón Tequila variants are high-end beverages that can cost you a fortune. The brand’s commitment to producing high-quality tequila from 100% blue agave plant with 0% additives traditionally has propelled it to great heights. Moreover, it has a rich collection of tequila varieties with an alcohol proof ranging from 70 to 101.

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