About Me

America is a country that was built on a proud tradition of bootlegging and brewing. From Kentucky bourbon to illicit Alabama moonshine and the nearly nine thousand nationwide breweries that keep the suds flowing, we’ve come a long way in two hundred and fifty years and we’ve made sure that the rest of the world knows that when it comes to beer and brewing, that the American flag is right at the top of hop mountain.

Hi, I’m Leslie Schubert and I’ve been fascinated by beer and brewing since I became a fan of the American-born craft beer revolution. I may have been too young to have been there at the beginning when it started at the tail-end of the nineteen seventies, but I’ve been trying to make up for it ever since by spreading the good word about the craft breweries and beers that have put America on the world map to anyone and everyone that will listen.

I’m also an amateur brewer, and that and my rabid devotion to the craft beer movement are the reasons I founded liquidbreadmag.com so that I could create a place where everyone could come to learn more about beer and brewing. So, crack open a fresh bottle of Terrapin’s Hopsecutioner or whatever brew you have in the fridge, and spend some time finding out a little more about the craft revolution and the breweries and brewers, and distillers that forever changed the world of beer and alcohol…